A How To for Synthetic Hair Extensions

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    I was reading the guide to hair extensions, and that talks a lot more about human hair extensions, so I thought I'd make something on the synthetic ones.
    Synthetic hair is primarily used for cheapo clip in extensions, cheapo wefts and Hannah Montana wigs. Everyone knows synthetic hair extensions as really silky, shiny, undyeable, unstraightenable, and unblendable. To some extent, this is all true. For the most part, synthetic hair (especially the cheap stuff) will be crappy and will look like crap, but there is some you can do to improve it.


    If your synthetic extensions are blinding the eyes of you and others and attracting lots of "Is that seriously your hair?" you can soak them in a bucket or giant plastic bowl or something of the sort with about a cup or so of vinegar and then enough water to completely cover the hair. Soak for fifteen minutes to half an hour and then rinse it out in cold water. It won't smell like vinegar when you're done and will (hopefully) be less shiny.

    Perhaps you're thinking "Baby powder! That will help!" That is a stupid idea. It will give you grey old person hair and will leave white powder all over your clothes. The same goes for baking soda, talcum powder, chalk, dust, etc. Dry shampoo is ok I think. Never tried it, but others have said it works. Use that lightly.


    If you have removable or clip in hair extensions and they get dirty and disgusting, please wash them. Take your same bucket/bowl you would use for the vinegar thing and fill it up with water and enough soap to make the water bubbly. Shampoo is fine to use, and so is regular hand soap. Remember, this is only plastic. Put the extensions in the water, swish them around and then take them out rinsing them in cold water. Let them air dry or if your in a hurry, blow dry on cool. Regular blow drying with heat will probably kill the fake hair and or frizzify it beyond repair.

    If you have 'permanent' sew in or glue in extensions, I hope you were smart enough to use human hair for that. Synthetic hair tangles up easily and won't like being washed like your real hair.


    Whoever told you synthetic hair cannot be straightened is a dipshit. Synthetic hair can indeed be straightened with a flat iron. Here's some proof. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3oIEMQ8yGg[/youtube]
    And here's some instructions for straightening synthetic hair. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!
    Hang your hair up on something in the shower. Angle your shower head toward the hair or use a shower head hose to direct the water. Turn the water all the way on hot and spray at the hair until it falls straight. After this, let it dry naturally.
    You will need:
    a. synthetic hair extensions (duh)
    b. a brush
    c. heat protecting spray. I suggest 'istyle i want smooth' or 'tresemme' or 'got2b crazy sleek', though any light silicone flat iron spray will work. Use something light weight because synthetic hair doesn't absorb stuff like human hair. A serum will work better in terms of heat protecting but I find they make fake hair greasy.
    d. a flat iron. Any one with a temperature dial will work. You don't need anything fancy. A ten dollar Conair or something will do the job fine.

    Set the flat iron to the lowest numbered setting, which will probably be a five. While you wait for to heat up, spray the hair all over with the heat protectant. You want it to be slightly wet but not completely soaked. The flat iron should be cool enough that when you touch it very quickly it doesn't feel hot. When your flat iron is ready, just run it quickly down the hair repeatedly until it's straight enough for your preference. Don't over do it. If you don't let the iron stay too long on the hair then you should be fine. This works for everything from nylon fiber to kanekalon to powerlon to tokyolon and whatever else there is. I straightened some $.99 extensions today without them melting.


    Who want to dye when they have markers? Synthetic hair is made of plastic so I can't be dyed like human hair. There is special ink made for dyeing synthetic hair, but it's really expensive, and why pay $4 an ounce when you can use markers instead?

    1. Temporary
    Ever heard of crayola? Washable markers wash out when you wash the hair.

    2. Semi Permanent
    Dry erase markers and non washable crayola and rose art or whatever it's called.

    3. Permanent
    Sharpies or other less known and less cool permanent markers.

    To color the hair, just lay it on some paper and draw the marker down the strands. For stripes, put scotch tape or masking tape on the areas you don't want to be colored. Platinum blonde hair is best for coloring, because it lets whatever color you want show up perfectly. However, like human blonde hair, its hard to fade darker colors out.

    Anyway, I guess that's it. Hope this somewhat helps somebody. :)
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    That's really helpful :)
    Even though my extensions are real hair.
    But yeah, good job.
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